I have worked in the advertising industry for most of my working life. When I inherited my family's 32 acre farm I embraced this special opportunity. It proved to deepen my love and increase my respect for all animals

There is nothing more awe inspiring than watching a new life come into the world and I've been privileged to help deliver lambs, calves, piglets, puppies and even help hatch out chicks! All an amazing life experience.

The farm also allowed me to adopt two gorgeous rescue Border Terriers (Ruby and Zola) to join our other family dogs. With utter heartbreak we lost Ruby and more recently Zola and Molly, and I lost part of my heart. So I know exactly how important our pets are to us.

Now living in the beautiful Welsh Countryside of Anglesey with our 2 dogs, Maggie aged 11 and Gracie 6. We realised it was impossible to find the home pet care service that we would like for our own dogs, which is important when you have rescue dogs as we knew they could not go back into a kennelling environment.

My partner, Gavin is a Crew Manager in the Fire Section at R.A.F Valley and also served Llangefni and Rhosniger Fire Stations as Watch Manager for NWFS for 20 years, he has the same love for dogs as I do and helps with walking and other activities when he is not working.

We really do understand just how important our pets are - they are members of our family and it can be hard to leave them with someone else, which is why their care and happiness is of the utmost importance to us.

And so, Holibobs for Dogs was born. A loving family with 24/7 care and attention, fun and play... We hope you will consider joining the family!